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Personal Training at the MAC

Getting You to YOUR Goal at YOUR Pace

Strong Man

One-Off Personal
Training Sessions

One-off Personal Training sessions oriented around your goals, limitations, and availability.  This option is for the person who is ready to make a change, but unsure of the path forward, and therefore not ready to make a commitment.  Because of the lack of recurrence and commitment, this is our most expensive personal training option.

$99 per Session

Personal Training

This option is for the person who is ready to put in the consistent effort needed to start getting real results, but who perhaps travels too often to make it a regular weekly thing!  Packages come in increments of 10 (e.g. you can purchase 10 sessions, 20 sessions, etc.).  Each session is an hour long, and your trainer will be assigned based on personality-fit, goal-fit, and availability-fit.

$89 per Session

Pulling Rope
Lifting Barbell

Platinum Personal Training

This is our best, most in-depth personal training plan.  It is for the committed and motivated person who want to crush their goals...NOW!  You choose your weekly training frequency of 2x, 3x, or 4x per week.  We assign a trainer based on your preferences; you schedule your weekly sessions directly with your trainer; and then we get moving in the direction of your goals.  We encourage you to commit to 6 - 12 months, but at a minimum we can accept a 3 month commitment on this plan.

$79 per Session

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